Day 15 Kolhapur – Satara – Pune

Two students from the KIT (Kolhapur Institute of Technology) escorted team REVA and team TWIKE from the hotel directly to the institute this morning, while teams THINK and TWINGO drove directly to Satara. It was again one of those incredible encounters with exciting students and staff, that we will miss. I made a lecture for more than one hour and the students asked very good questions, showing how much enthusiasm and interest they have for electric cars and renewable energies.

the staff wanted to invite us for coffee, but unfortunately we had to leave, as the next school in Satara was already waiting. Paul drove the 120 km in one hour and 45 minutes, on a perfect road, with an average speed of almost 80 km/h as long as we were on the highway. An incredible and new experience in India! In Satara, again two students on a motorbike escorted us all the way to their college. This lecture we enjoyed especially, as it was our last one, and our last visit to a college.

All the colleges that we visited here in India, I must admit, were great partners and made our WAVE in India an unforgettable experience for all of us. We had great interactions, we met great people and learned a lot. This is what made our WAVE so unique. We were not here as tourists, but as ambassadors for new, clean technology, and so we got to got to know this country from a unique perspective. From a real and authentic one.

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