Crossing the finish line: Day 16 Pune – Mumbai

The last day!! Before we took off, Till had tried hard last night to make the battery in the black Think work, but all attempts failed. It will stay a mistery probably for another few weeks, until the car is back in the repair shop in Switzerland, why the black Think could not be started here in India.

Pune, a city of more than 3 mio. people, is not a place to spend a holiday. The air quality is very bad, the sky is white and smoggy. We were glad to leave, after taking this group photo:

When we reached Mumbai, I felt really sick again, and I was so glad when we reached the hotel. Karel, our doctor, gave me some tablets against feever and stomach problems. As we had a great “sundowner welcome party” at the residency of the Consul General of Switzerland, Werner Nievergelt, I wanted to be fit again. But despite of all European tablets, I realized that it’s not so easy to fight Indian bugs!

In the afternoon, after relaxing a few hours in the hotel, we reached the residency of the Consul, next to the Sea in Central Mumbai. A little heaven on Earth, with a great view onto the Sea:

The party was the greatest end of the WAVE that we could imagine. our great hosts Ester and Werner had invited many, many people and so the teams were explaining their cars dirung the whole evening eating great local food and enjoying the fresh breeze from the Sea (while I was lying in a bed and trying to fight my feever for most of the evening).

For all of us it was an unbelievable moment to realize that we have crossed the finsh line! We have made it! The only thing that remains to be done: Bring the ships to the port on Thursday and do some Chrismas shopping – in Mumbai!

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1 Response to Crossing the finish line: Day 16 Pune – Mumbai

  1. Mike Holland says:

    Well done guys – you really have done a great thing to bring awareness of EV’s to this great sub-continent.
    We hope to see you back here again sometime – maybe join our Linked In discussions on EV in Bhutan where we are working on bringing the concept to the taxi fleet in Thimphu. Electricity in Bhutan is 100% hydro, very inexpensive and we are looking at conversion kits to allow existing ICE taxi’s to convert to EV.
    Thanks for visiting India with your great concept.
    Mike Holland

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