Day 10: Take a break in the Bandra National Park

We started our day with a delicious breakfast: goatfeet!
Today we had a break, and Paul and me, we wanted to spend it in the Badra National Park. The only problem we had: Where is the entrance?? As we drove around on the edge of the park, desperatley looking for a road sign, a nice man stopped next to our REVA as he thought that we would probably have a battery problem. Finally he explained us where to go, but first he invited us on his coffee farm. We enjoyed a really friendly invitation, with delicious watermelon and huge butterflies flying between the coffee trees.
Then we ended up at the Forestry Office, where the friendly rangers explained us that the guides were on strike today, and we could only get permission to enter the park in Bangalore today. But the rangers also came up with the idea that we could drive another 90 km to the other side of the park, to the jungle lodge, to enjoy a safari there. So we decided to go there.
The drive was amazing! A new road without a single pothole (what a difference to yesterday’s road!) led us through a marvelous, green landscape. It was the most beautiful drive so far in India, and Paul was speeding and pushed the pedal as hard as he could, as there was no traffic at all in our way. Finally we ended up at the lodge, above a scenic, huge lake, and we could immediately depart to a safari. We saw four elephants, three gaurs (an Indian specie of wild cow), many monkeys, two peacocks, an eagle and finally a leopard, a really rare sight in the park! Paul finally charged his REVA at the reception, and we have agreed with all other teams to meet again tomorrow at 11:30 am at the college in the city of Shimoga.
By the way, the other good news came from team Twingo today: they really managed to get their broken charger replaced today! Thanks to the great efforts of the engineers at REVA the Twingo will be back on the road again with fully charged batteries tomorrow at 5 am in Bangalore. They will try to catch up with us and if everything goes well, we should meet them again in 2 days in Goa.
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