Day 3: Solaphur to Hyderabad

Team Twingo and Team Twike took off this morning at 5AM, as we wanted to cover more than 350 km today. What a surprise to see the crowded roads almost empty this morning! We could speed up and so experienced a nice sunrise.

In Solaphur, Team Twingo decided to stay there for a charge, so team REVA continued on a much better road than expected. It wasn’t a battle against cows and potholes today, but rather a pleasant cruise between dry fields, green trees and and oxes pulling carriages full of sugar cane. We (Team REVA) reached the historical city of Humnabad around 1PM, and the prinicple of the school was waiting for us with a fabulous Lunch. We heard that Team TWIKE was doing fine, they had just left a Humnabad half an hour before we arrived. We were greeted by 300 pupils before we left again with a fully charged battery.

Now, at 7 pm in the evening, the situation is as follows: Team Twingo has just arrrived in Humnabad, they will arrive tomorrow morning in Hyderabad on time for the press conference. Team TWIKE is being escorted by our local coordinator to the Hotel, and Team REVA is waiting for another local coordinator right now in a roadhouse 57 km before the hotel. Tomorrow one THINK will take off in Pune and they will try to catch up with us, while the other teams will have a press conference and a free day in Hyderabad.

Here is the day in pictures.

Paul and some very curious kids

Humnabad - WAVE welcome poster

Kids in a field in Humnabad

Louis with the kids in Humnabad


Sharing the road with cows

Cows on the street

just another road scene from today

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