Day 1: Bombay to Pune

After picking up the vehicles at the Infiniti Mall, we finally started after lunch for the first leg of the WAVE.  And we found ourselves stuck in a traffic jam just two minutes later. Andrew and Jean-Claude got quite hot in their open Twike, but much to our enjoyment people stared and watched at us as if we were aliens. It was an almost 700 meter altitude difference that we had to manage to Pune, and almost 170 km all together. But our cars did well, we just recharged for about one hour at a petrol station. In Pune, we caught up with the other WAVE participants Till, Karel and Franco with their THINKS.  Some local students led us late at night to the Government College of Engineering, where we charged two of our cars. It was a very long day today, and we enjoyed a great dinner buffet at the end of it. We were all happy that we have made (and survived) the first day on the road. We went to bed quickly, because tomorrow nearly 300 km of driving is waiting ahead of us.
Here is the day in pictures.

On the road in Bombay

Twike in traffic jam

Andrew, and some curious bystanders observe the Twike

A quick stop en route to Pune. A curious crowd is never too far away.

Another traffic jam somewhere

Happy drivers in the Twingo

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